El Aire de las Estrellas

Surrounded by ancient oak trees and sweet smelling wild rosemary “El Aire” is our traditional Spanish threshing circle.

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect spot for stargazing, but sunrise and sunset look pretty good from here too!

Imagine an uninterrupted view of a mountain topped with a stunning limestone cliff, rising up from the lush and fertile valley below. As dusk falls swallows swoop and glide, bats begin to circle and the sound of cicadas (grasshoppers) fills the air.

Above you, the night sky is scattered with countless stars and the Milky Way stretches out in all its glory. The four points of north, south, east and west are marked out around the circle ready for your ritual or life-enhancing celebration. It’s feeling of being a natural amphitheatre also makes it a great place for dance, music, movement, and performance.

What would you do here?
Would you want to dance? Paint? Picnic? Meditate? Practice yoga or tai chi? Or would you want to just lie back and let nature unfold around you?