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Burial Chambers (Dolmen) in Gorafe, Andalucía — Parque Tematico Integral Sobre el Megalitismo, Gorafe Visit website


A megalithic landscape comprised of 240 Burial Chambers (Dolmen) in Andalucía. Information plaques are dotted throughout the landscape.
The Centre is in Gorafe, “El Centro de Interpretación del Megalitismo de Gorafe”. (Photograph © Tim Prevett.)

Festival of the Cherries — Fiesta de la Cereza Visit website


Since 1893, Castillo de Locubín has paid homage every year to the most famous product of their gardens, the cherry. At harvest onset in the 3rd week of June, contests are held for three days for dessert recipes, liquor and speciality dishes, which are on public display in glass cases in the park; after judging, the cases are opened for free tasting.
The Fiesta offers gastronomic events for tasting and buying cherries, liqueurs and other cherry products, as well as artisan crafts, ceramics and much more; all enlivened with music and cultural performances. Munch delicious cherries whilst visiting the Castle and its lovely surrounding. Don't miss this fun event; the celebration is topped off with music and dancing for everyone.

The Yurt in history: a brief history of the yurt on the central Asian steppes Read more


Famed home of the nomadic peoples of the endless grasslands of inner and central Asia. How far back into time does this adaptable and timeless design reach?
Read more about Yurts, living in one, how they are made, … on Ulaantij’s website.

Etnosur Festival Visit website


Etnosur is a free ethnic music festival based in the town of Alcalá la Real. It takes place every year in the middle of July over a 3-day weekend. Over 40,000 visitors from all over Europe come to enjoy a wide range of workshops and performances from music, art, theatre and circus groups from all over the world
The Nacimiento del Rio San Juan actas as a chill-out space for festival-goers to cool off in the heat of the day and relax to the sound of guitars and drums. For more information, take a look at the Etnosur website, and their Facebook page.